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EPS Financial e-COLLECT Tax Refund Solutions

EPS Financial e-COLLECT Tax Refund Solutions

We have partnered with EPS Financial, LLC, to offer you an alternative to waiting 2-3 weeks or more for your tax refund. You can apply to the e-COLLECT program through 1040VIBE for three different Tax Refund Products: a Refund Anticipation Check (RAC) in the form of a Cashier's Check, printed by us in our office; a Reloadable PrePaid VISA® Card; or an e-Direct deposit to your bank account. EPS Financial, LLC and its partner, Bancorp Bank (FDIC) are together a premier bank tax product program.


One great feature about the program is that you can have your tax preparation and program fees withheld from your refund.  No more worries if you don't have a bank account or don't want the hassle of using debit or credit cards. Also, e-COLLECT offers some of the lowest fees in the industry for for bank tax products. Fees can be as low as $5!  

You may apply for e-COLLECT Tax Refund Products if:


·     1040VIBE Prepares a current year return for you;

·     You Prepare a tax return yourself through 1040VIBE's Online Tax Portal link; or

·     You Prepare the return yourself on commercially available or similar software and forward the return to us through our client portal, fax, e-mail  (scanned PDFs), or USPostal Service registered mail.

Upon request we can print your RAC Check in our office.  We'll even send it overnight to you.

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